Monday, September 12, 2016

Some coloring fun

Hey everyone.
 I am posting this today to show you some of my coloring.  I did this over the course of about 6 hours. It was tedious work but I absolutely love how it turned out.  That is the one and only reason I am posting it here.  I haven't made it into a card yet and not sure I will.  I may try for something different like putting it in a frame to hang in MY craft room.  It will be really hard to give this one up.  I have a few cards like that too that I can't bear to part with.
  I bet most of the crafters out there feel the same way I do about certain images they take such a long time to finish and love how it turns out.
 I got this as a freebie on an Adult coloring site on Facebook.  They do give out some pretty awesome images but very intricate ones like this one.  This is not something I would normally color but what a challenge to do so.  So I say take a challenge and see what kind of project you can come up with.
  Once this is done with however I finish it I will repost it so you can all see what I did with it.
  But you can be sure it won't leave my house.  
So all till next time Happy Crafting 


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